We’re really proud of our range of hand-crafted, Lakeland-inspired beers. We feel sure you’ll find something here to float your boat. We’re always experimenting with new flavours, so watch this space for other great new brews. Take a look at our core and seasonal range below…

Core Range

Swan Blonde – 4.0%

Immerse your taste buds in the compellingly crisp, deliciously dry hoppishness of Swan Blonde and sail away on a journey of gorgeously pale Lakeland water freshness. Made with light malts, pioneer, aurora and citra hops.

Swan Blonde is also available in 500ml Bottles.

Swan Black – 4.6%

Set sail on a journey into the deliciously darker waters of our black IPA with its start-to-finish hoppy magnificence. Allow this beer’s rich chocolate sweetness along with its subtle citrus notes and grassy loveliness to wash over and refresh you with its Lakeland water freshness. If you want to head in a darker direction then steer your taste buds towards Swan Black and never look back.

Swan Black is also available in 500ml Bottles.

Swift Best – 3.8%

All aboard for this premium ale flavour experience. Fabulously full and ridiculously rounded, Swift Best has a creamy caramel undercurrent to match its hop character. Made with light and crystal malt plus target, challenger and northdown hops.

Swift Best is also available in 500ml Bottles.

Amazon Amber – 3.8%

If the distinctive partnering of oranges and spiced berries floats your boat then drift into this light, tasty ale. Its moorish sharpness is delivered courtesy of the Minstrel developmental hop from Charles Faram. Get on board and don’t look back.

Swallow Gold – 3.9%

Nothing choppy about these waters! This golden beauty uses the developmental Archer hop from Charles Faram to deliver smooth floral hints of apricot, lime and peach, an irresistible British aroma and all the freshness of Lakeland spring water.

Ziska Pilsner – 4% & 5%

Named after a class of 17ft Windermere racing yacht, designed a century ago and still racing today, this cold-fermented Pilsner’s equally racy intensity and sharp, refreshing zestiness will certainly fill your sails.

Ziska Pilsner 5% is also available in 500ml Bottles.

Tern IPA – 5%

Take a Tern for the better with this crisp, golden recreation a classic 80 year old recipe from the old Whitwell Mark Brewery of Kendal. Sink into its full-flavoured, beautifully balanced hoppiness, its caramel sweetness and deep smooth finish.

Seasonal Range

Swan Verdi – 4.0%

It’s Swan Blonde, but not as you know it! We’ve taken only the freshest September crop of hops and while still green and floral added four times the usual amount right at the end of the brew. The result? The liveliest, most vivid tang and zippiest of zings to make other ales ‘green’ with envy.

Waterbird Wheat – 4.5%

This wheat beer will lift your taste buds in zingy deliciousness and introduce you to gentle orange peel, coriander and ginger flavours, for the ultimate silky taste.

Esperance Abbey Ale – 6.2%

Though in French espérance means an ‘abstract, positive expectation’ there’s nothing abstract about the deliciousness of this classic caramel-tinged Abbey Ale. It’s Noble German hops bring the warmth of maple syrup combined with surprisingly light fruitiness. And all infused with Lakeland spring water freshness.

Swan Bistre – 4.3%

A cross between Swan Blonde and Swan Black, giving the delicious dry hoppiness of Swan Blonde and the chocolate sweetness of Swan Black.

Raven Red – 4.6%

The Windermere cargo steamer, The Raven, delivered essential goods to homes and businesses around the lake, and this rich, red ale in its memory delivers delicious floral, spicy hoppiness to your taste buds. Its blend of US Cascade and Chinook hops hint at grapefruit and a superior bitterness.